Mr. Lamin Tayin

General Manager/Site Manager

Lamin is the Company’s General Manager & Site Manager. Mr. Tayin was born in The Republic of Gambia and has lived in Senegal for many years. Mr. Tayin served as a Production Analyst for the Gambian Marketing Board and is the founder and owner of Krantaba Production Company engaged in the business of international trade. Lamin has also served as a logistical consultant for the airline industry and Speaks several languages native to the Senegalese people including the predominate language of French.

Lamin Graduated from Brikama Technical Institute in Gambia in 1987 and is a Citizen of the USA and The Gambia. Lamin is responsible for planning, organizing and supervising the activities of the company’s mines in his sector, He is responsible for planning future mine production, overseeing the development and potential tunneling of the mines/mining areas, checking the quality of stone, rock, minerals and inspecting all mining concessions for danger. Lamin also carries out generic management duties, such as hiring staff, organizing staff training, overseeing financial administration, liaising and negotiating with suppliers, contractors and other business associates. He also ensures occupational health and safety guidelines are followed, which includes planning and overseeing maintenance of the mining area and the development of the emergency response plans.

Lamin uses a combination of office and mining equipment in the duties of his position. When in the office he verses the use of standard office equipment, including computers with specialized mining software.

When on the mining sites he oversees and is familiar with a range of explosives heavy machinery, including drilling equipment, diggers, trucks and rock-cutting devices as well as the smaller important topics like the wearing of safety equipment including overalls, hard hats, safety glasses, steel-capped boots, hearing protection and reflective clothing.


Mingo Affiliates Services Inc. (MASI) is a company founded and incorporated in the State of Florida, the United States on November 15, 2003 by Timothy C. Mingo and Thelma Harper Mingo and is the parent company to Mingo Gold. The company was established as a Sub Chapter S Corporation. The company’s original core business was in the Services Industry, but quickly transitioned into the Import and Export business. The company began its mining operations business in 2011 and currently owns five mining concession rights in The Republic of Senegal along with an Exploration and Prospection license.