Mr. Aaron Jenkins

Chief Operating Officer

Aaron is the company’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) and is also the Director of Business Development (DBD).

As the Chief Operating Officer, Aaron is tasked with overseeing the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of the Company and typically reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr. Timothy Mingo.

Aarons strengths are his ability to think strategically and innovatively, when concerning operational and technical aspects within the mining industry. Aaron likes to mentor, motivate and is always looking to improve company performance and company impact.

As the Chief Operating Officer for Mingo Gold, Aaron oversees the company’s entire operation to ensure for a safe and profitable mining operation. Such duties also entail overseeing processing, some port activity, haulage, technical services, and other general service activities. His responsibilities are also ensuring all company, statutory and regulatory requirements are complied with.

Aaron attended the S.U.N.Y at Old Westbury located in the United States and has a background in Computer Sciences, Business Administration and Management. Aaron also has a strong background in law enforcement and retired after 26 years of service in 2019.

Aaron is very proficient in managing business relationships as well as building networks. After years of being a part of Mingo Golds senior executive management team, Aaron brings high expectations and strong focus concerning helping the company surpass the present company performance projections.

Other Direct Responsibilities: 

  • Leads the organization in meeting the company’s environmental, security, health and safety system requirements.
  • Sets and delivers physical, operating costs, capital budgets and forecasts to meet annual corporate objectives whilst maximizing project value.
  • Reviews performance & adjusts to a changing market, by optimizing production plans and monitoring performance to adjust those plans as required.
  • Ensures the quality and effectiveness of design engineering, oversees project management and any delivery services.
  • Influence product and technical development strategies.
  • Participates in the development of marketing, product development and resource development strategies.
  • Ensures the workforce is informed on direction and targets through a coordinated communication and re-engagement plan.
  • Supports the CEO in the management of relationships with external stakeholders through a coordinated approach including attendance at regular meetings.
  • Looks to ensure and implement new strategies for the company to expand and grow financially.




Mingo Affiliates Services Inc. (MASI) is a company founded and incorporated in the State of Florida, the United States on November 15, 2003 by Timothy C. Mingo and Thelma Harper Mingo and is the parent company to Mingo Gold. The company was established as a Sub Chapter S Corporation. The company’s original core business was in the Services Industry, but quickly transitioned into the Import and Export business. The company began its mining operations business in 2011 and currently owns five mining concession rights in The Republic of Senegal along with an Exploration and Prospection license.