Mr. Timothy Mingo

(CEO & Président)

is a founder, Managing Member, General Partner et Conseiller en Investissement. Mr. Mingo serves as the Chief Executive Officer and founding member of Olive Branch Home Buyer’s, LLC, a South Florida based real estate investment and development firm specializing in the areas of residential and commercial properties including acquisitions, construction, and development. En tant que PDG d'Olive Branch Accueil de l'acheteur, he is responsible for the overall growth and profitability of the company’s $12 million dollar asset portfolio. His duties include evaluating, analyzing, developing, la gestion et la réhabilitation des propriétés commerciales compatibles avec la mission et les objectifs de Olive Branch ainsi que les normes de l'industrie. In addition, Mr. Mingo oversees administrative management of the company’s operations, organization, planning and structuring, capital formation, property management, human resource management, market analysis, marketing strategies, property inspection, evaluation, and property valuation.

For 24 years Timothy worked in the public sector for the Florida Department of Corrections (“FDC”) with a principal position as Warden of Prisons throughout the state before retiring in 2004. As Warden, he was responsible for care, custody, treatment of offenders and good order of all facilities. Administratively, he oversaw hiring, discipline, separation of employees, development and implementation of policies, procedures, rules and regulations. Timothy’s duties also included insuring security and safety control in the prison and in the general public. During his tenure with the FDC, he managed the construction of prison buildings as well.

Mr. Mingo a obtenu son baccalauréat en gestion de justice pénale de Béthune- Université Cookman dans (1978) et sa certification en public Degré de gestion de l'Université Florida State (1992).Timothy received his Life, Health and Annuities license in 1990 et était un agent avec Midland Harford compagnies d'assurance vie en Amérique du Nord et. Mr. Mingo obtained his Series 6 licence et commercialisé fonds communs de placement et des régimes de retraite pour First American Classics Securities et de gestion en Amérique du Nord. Mr. Mingo has 16 years of experience trading equities and options. Mr. Mingo has extensive training and experience in options strategies, fundamentals, technical analysis and charting. As an expert in developing and managing budgets vital resources, management of maintenance and construction projects, preparation for and passing of inspections, audits and other compliance regulations, Timothy Mingo apporte une vaste expérience de portefeuille au Fonds SUPRA VANTAGE, L.P which his investment company runs.



(Administrative Director /Treasurer /Secretary)

directs administrative and fiduciary functions of the company. Mrs. Mingo has experience in the mortgage-banking industry and programs administration field. As Program Administrator for the Florida Department of Corrections, she oftentimes served as the compliance steward, ensuring policies and procedures were being upheld. Mrs. Harper-Mingo’s 23-year tenure with the Florida Department of Corrections and her banking experience with Glendale Federal Savings and Loan Association, helped develop the attributes necessary for her to perform her function as Treasurer of Mingo Affiliates. Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Talladega College in Alabama, Mrs. Harper-Mingo went on to pursue her career in educational development. She later obtained a Master of Science degree from Florida International University, graduating Magna Cum Laude, with a concentration in Adult Education/Human Resource Development.

Thelma directs and oversees the administrative services of the company to provide various office support activities. She identifies and follows efficient work procedures that maximize the efficiency of the company. Thelma is familiar with a variety of the field’s concepts, practices, and procedures. Relies on extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplish the goals of the company and performs a variety of tasks. Responsibilities also include all administration aspects of the company headquarters, staffing, facilities, telecommunications, database management, fulfillment, purchasing, shipping/receiving, etc.

Thelma is a liaison to the Board of Directors which includes attending all Board meetings, taking official minutes of same, contract/arrange for hotels, meeting space, meals, travel, etc.
Oversees Officer/Director ballot, bylaw change ballot, liaison to Committee for verification of ballot results. Responsible for arrangements for Annual Business Meeting, international dignitaries, international representatives to annual meeting. Thelma leads and directs the work of others and typically reports to the President.

Mr. Aaron Jenkins

(Président directeur général,,en,est le chef de l'exploitation et le directeur du développement des affaires de l'entreprise,,en,En tant que directeur du développement commercial,,en)

is the company’s COO and Director of Business Development, Aaron aide à développer, coordonner et mettre en œuvre des plans visant à accroître l'activité existante et saisir de nouvelles opportunités. droits additionnels incluent le marketing stratégique et la planification des opérations avec d'autres dirigeants de la société ainsi que la fixation d'objectifs et d'identifier les méthodes pour atteindre ces objectifs. En tant que directeur du développement de l'entreprise, il y a aussi un besoin pour des présentations, assister à des conférences minières, et en participant à des réunions avec les clients investisseurs, ainsi que des conseillers. Mr. Jenkins a également sert actuellement comme un agent pour le Département du Nassau County Sheriff à Long Island, New York et est peu entrer dans son 23e année de service accompli.

As Business Development Director Mr. Jenkins devrait aider à planifier, modifier, mettre en oeuvre et superviser les stratégies de marketing visant à atteindre des objectifs de vente, accumuler les clients et la croissance de l'entreprise. Aaron aidera dans les plans de marketing, entretenir des relations avec les clients et de travailler pour développer leurs comptes. Il est prévu dans un effort pour rester au top des concurrents de l'entreprise et d'évaluer de profiter de nouvelles occasions d'affaires qui aiderait l'entreprise à prospérer.


Mr. Mitchell Wilson

(Executive Director of Sales and Marketing)

has worked many years as an Executive Sales Representative with proven organizational management skills and key account development. He is very proficient in oral and written communication, but is considered a self-starter, motivator and enthusiastic in high-stress environments. Mitchel is excellent at memorization and product knowledge. The main areas of his experience are in customer account management, relationship retention, problem solving, and is very knowledgeable at contract negotiations. Other strengths include the ability to forecast, track, exceed sales goals and demonstrates continuous customer service satisfaction.

Mitchell’s experience is also in management of sales staff, rental properties, inventory, payroll and bookkeeping. He has overseen rehab projects, demolition, contractor, property maintenance and has handled marketing and advertising for branch listings. As a Sales Associate Mitchell maintained a working knowledge of product selection, accessories, company services and customer warranty information. Other duties included assisting clients in purchasing home furnishings, accessory décor and supported customers in room layout diagrams. Mitchell informed customers of company’s furniture construction materials, durability, fabric, styles and maintained a $50,000 monthly sales quota.


Mr. Wayne Snyder

(Director Legal Department)

Mr. Snyder is the company’s Legal Director. Wayne has served many years working in the Civil and Criminal Courts in the Counties of Clay and Jackson in the State of Missouri. Before getting his Juris Doctorate (JD), Wayne worked as an Analyst with the County of Orange (Santa Ana, Ca) in the Executive Office. Mr. Snyder was also the Principle of TELCEPT a large IT systems application firm.
Mr. Snyder received his Juris Doctorate (Law Degree) from Pacific West College of Law (Orange, CA) and his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Bethune-Cookman University. He is a certified Mediator in the State of Missouri and received his Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification from the University of Kansas.


Mr. Lamin Tayin

(General Manager/Site Manager)

is the Company’s General Manager & Site Manager. Mr. Tayin was born in The Republic of Gambia and has lived in Senegal for many years. Mr. Tayin served as a Production Analyst for the Gambian Marketing Board and is the founder and owner of Krantaba Production Company engaged in the business of international trade. Lamin has also served as a logistical consultant for the airline industry and Speaks several languages native to the Senegalese people including the predominate language of French.

Mr. Tayin Graduated from Brikama Technical Institute in Gambia in 1987 and is a Citizen of the USA and The Gambia. Lamin is responsible for planning, organizing and supervising the activities of the company’s mines in his sector, He is responsible for planning future mine production, overseeing the development and potential tunneling of the mines/mining areas, checking the quality of stone, rock, minerals and inspecting all mining concessions for danger. Lamin also carries out generic management duties, such as hiring staff, organizing staff training, overseeing financial administration, liaising and negotiating with suppliers, contractors and other business associates. He also ensures occupational health and safety guidelines are followed, which includes planning and overseeing maintenance of the mining area and the development of the emergency response plans.

Lamin uses a combination of office and mining equipment in the duties of his position. When in the office he verses the use of standard office equipment, including computers with specialized mining software. When on the mining sites he oversees and is familiar with a range of explosives heavy machinery, including drilling equipment, diggers, trucks and rock-cutting devices as well as the smaller important topics like the wearing of safety equipment including overalls, hard hats, safety glasses, steel-capped boots, hearing protection and reflective clothing.

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