Located in West Africa, Senegal has an estimated population of 13 million people and a total area of approximately 197,000 km2. Of the country’s population, 94 percent are Muslim and 5 percent are Christian (mostly Roman Catholic). While French is the official language, the Wolof, Pulaar, Jola and Mandinka dialects are also spoken. The capital, Dakar, is on the most westerly point of the coastline of Africa. 


Mingo Gold’s mission is to cost effectively extract gold from known precious metal deposits with the intent to sell the refined precious metal to the open market.

Senegal adopted new Mining Codes in 2003 (Law No2003-36, which gazetted at the end of February 2004; (No6150, pp339-357). The law was designed to attract and foster mineral resources.

Mingo Gold has seven active Gold Mining projects and additional projects in the planning stages. Our projects are located in the Senegal, in the Sabadola region of the Country.

Mingo Gold is a subsidiary of Mingo Affiliates Services, Inc. Any information concerning company investment should be kindly directed to Regent Investment Advisers Inc. attention.