1. Appoint a Board of Directors Selection Committee
  2. Select a Permanent Board of Directors
  3. Select a Strong Management Team
  4. Hire Experienced and Knowledgeable Technical Staff
  5. Hire Administrative, Labor and Support Staff
  6. Expand Staffing Each Year Consistent with Operational Needs
  1. Add One Mining Concession Each Year
  2. Add at Least One country to Our Mining Target List Each Year
  3. Expand Our Partnership Relationship by One Every Two Years

Growth, Sales & Marketing

Grow the Companies Sales to 2 Billion Dollars by the Year 2018

  1. 20% in Investment Grade Bonds
  2. 10% in Treasury Bonds
  3. 30% in Real Estate Holdings
  4. 20% in Gold
  5. 20% in Cash

The Company’s Goal is to Purchase or Lease Office Facilities in the US, Senegal, Guinea, Liberia and Gambia by 2016

Profitability and Financial Goals
  1. Become Profitable in the First Year & Remain Profitable in the Future
  2. Obtain Gross Margins of 75% or More
  3. Grow Our Balance Sheet by 14% Each Year
  4. Increase Our Reserves by 20% Each Year
  5. Establish a Strong Line of Credit for Financial Durability

Equipment Capital
  1. Obtain a 5 Million Dollar Lease Contract for Our Heavy Equipment Needs
  2. Expand Our Lease Contract Each Year to Meet Growth Demands
  3. Enter into Services Contracts for Leases and Purchased Equipment.
  4. Invest 2 Million Dollars into Plant Processing and Support Equipment During the First Year of Operations

Innovation and Technology
  1. Use the Most Advanced Technology in our Gold Processing Operations
  2. Install the Innovative Software Programs to Operate our Plants, Equipment, Accounting, Administrative and Financial systems
  3. Ensure Regular Attendance at Mining Conferences, Trade Shows and Other Workshops Providing Innovative and Technical Ideas

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