Book Voon Mine

The Seekoto Benkanto, Bencoutou, Sining Kang, Book Voon and the Alamouta mining concessions are in the Southeastern corner of Senegal in the Kedougou Region.  The concessions are 20 kilometers north of the city of Kedougou.  All five concessions are located side by side, separated by 50 meters as depicted on the map below. Each Concession measures 50 hectares expandible to 500 hectares each.

Access to the property is gained using a dirt road at kilometer marker 17 of the major roadway N-7.  N-7 is a major road that runs from the Capital City or Dakar to the City of Kedougou and has access into Mali.  The Benkanto, Bencoutou, Book Yoon, Alamouta and Sining Kang mines are located 3 kilometers east of N-7.

The area is located within the boundaries of a wide corridor of deformation, birimian, parallel to that of the Sabodala deep fault zones. The Interior of this corridor, developed shears-areas, made up of veins and veins of quartz, of different sizes and directions.

This exploration program was organized and coordinated by Mr. Cheikh Tidiane Diop, an expert Geologist, Engineer, Metallurgist and consultant in mines and geology, at the request of MINGO AFFILIATES SERVICES Inc., which has funded the entire work performed.  The work program in the field was executed by the Director who was assisted by an engineering geologist and an excavator operator.

The exploration and prospection work conducted in the field along with the processing and analysis of the bagged samples and the interpretation of ore results were compiled and   transmitted in a final report to MINGO AFFILIATES SERVICES Inc.

The report also contains details of all the work performed and the results obtained, the accurate limits, as well as the geological features of the targeted areas and the estimate of geological Gold potential, resource of the perimeters studied based on the results obtained, as well as experience in the field. Proposals and concrete recommendations for a good organization and operation of the gold processing plant, geological and mining work are available upon request by contacting Mingo Affiliates Services Inc./ Mingo Gold.


Mingo Affiliates Services Inc. (MASI) is a company founded and incorporated in the State of Florida, the United States on November 15, 2003 by Timothy C. Mingo and Thelma Harper Mingo and is the parent company to Mingo Gold. The company was established as a Sub Chapter S Corporation. The company’s original core business was in the Services Industry, but quickly transitioned into the Import and Export business. The company began its mining operations business in 2011 and currently owns five mining concession rights in The Republic of Senegal along with an Exploration and Prospection license.