Beledougou Mine

The Beledougou(Djidjan) concession, consist of 500 hectors, equivalent to 1275 acres  and is located within the boundaries of BELEDOUGOU  area, approximately, nine kilometres (9 km) Southeast of the village of Bambaraya in the rural community of Saraya.

In 2014 a geological report was conducted to determine the potentiality of the gold deposit at Beledougou (Djidian).

The report confirmed the existence of a significant deposit based of testing and sampling and geological observations at the site.  The report also referenced geochemistry mapping performed by Randgold of the Beledougou that confirm the rich deposit at Beledougou.  MASI has contracted the services of a Geologist, to conduct a three-phase feasibility study to include an appraisal of the reserve deposit at Beledougou.  The Beledougou concession has been granted a small mining license by the Ministry of mines granted the concession permits to extract, refine and sale gold.


Mingo Affiliates Services Inc. (MASI) is a company founded and incorporated in the State of Florida, the United States on November 15, 2003 by Timothy C. Mingo and Thelma Harper Mingo and is the parent company to Mingo Gold. The company was established as a Sub Chapter S Corporation. The company’s original core business was in the Services Industry, but quickly transitioned into the Import and Export business. The company began its mining operations business in 2011 and currently owns five mining concession rights in The Republic of Senegal along with an Exploration and Prospection license.